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2030: Utilizing Animation in Political Messaging

The purpose of this paper and film is to explore the animated medium's ability to convey controversial political topics. The goal of this film is to reach my audience on an emotional level, which will hopefully motivate them to act on the information presented. By using animated themes and metaphors, the audience can digest the political messaging by disassociating themselves from the characters in the story. This will allow them to be open to other perspectives. This paper will explore how one can use the aesthetic quality of animation imagery to convey an important political message about our environment. The hybrid combination of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) animation mediums creates a unique visual style utilizing texture and movement to reinforce the story. By using the style to supplement a story, the message could be emphasized and reiterated throughout the film, again optimizing the ability of a short to deliver the intended message.

2030_ Utilizing Animation in Political Messaging
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