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"Farmer Glorp" -  2016




"Farmer Glorp" was the undergraduate film a team of 15 students, including myself, created as part of our senior capstone project. Inspired by the imaginative stories sent in from 1st graders in Dayton, Ohio, Farmer Glorp follows a day in the life of an alien farmer as he tends to his chores. Music for Farmer Glorp was composed by Dr. Stella Sung and performed by the Dayton Ohio Philharmonic Orchestra, at which Dr. Sung had a residency with at the time. Working together as a team, we learned how to delegate tasks and saw firsthand how each small job contributed to the finished product. My duties included designing the look of the film through lighting, rendering, and compositing. This is where I had my first taste of teaching as I had to create step by step instructions for the rest of the team and help them understand the compositing scheme as we finished the film. Click the link below to learn more about University of Central Florida's nationally ranked Character Animation program!

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