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Below are compilations of student work from a variety of classes taught over the years. These works are given as an example of how well students learned the various techniques and knowledge of programs needed to be successful. Names and all other identifying information have been removed in compliance with federal law. All creative content belongs to the original creators and should not be copied or duplicated in any way. 

Motion Graphics Student Demo:

Examples of student work from the Advanced Computer Graphic Design class. In this class students learn how to utilize their principles and elements of design to create motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. Students are given opportunities to create pieces as if they were hired to do so in the industry such as creating an intro for a movie or game or creating a commercial for a company.

2D Animation Student Demo:

Examples of student work from the Introduction to Animation classes I have taught. In this class students are often given their first opportunity to create 2D animation. Students are taught the 12 principles of animation and create a series of short animations that build upon this knowledge throughout the semester. Students are encouraged to explore how to give character and personality to inanimate objects and to animate non human characters.

3D Animation Student Demo:

Examples of student work from the Intermediate Animation classes I have taught. Students utilize their understanding of the principles of animation to learn how to animate 3D objects, rigged characters, and utilize the additional tools available to them in Autodesk Maya. Students create a series of short animation practices to learn the basics of animating in Maya. They then create longer pieces utilizing sound and lipsyncing.

Student Testimonials

College Classroom

Building Foundational Skills

My major takeaway from this course was understanding how to animate a rigged character and how to make the character movements appear continuous. I look forward to using these techniques when creating character movements in the future and creating smooth camera movements when creating environmental scenes.


Developing Passion

Professor Hernandez is one of the most attentive, caring, and helpful art professors I have had. She really helped me understand the program and refocus and balance my workflows to get the most out of the assignments with the deadline in mind. Her feedback in class was well-structured and made for a good environment to see and share our projects.


Ensuring Student Success

I really enjoyed this class as I could talk to you about my mistakes and what I needed to work on. As a takeaway I really just want to say thank you, for paying attention, for reaching out when you saw something was up, and for sending me to resources that I could use when I needed them. I really appreciate you as a teacher.

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